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fastNFO v0.73

Author: rudz
Copy­right: ©2008–2011, Free­ware
Port­able: Yes
Info: fast­nfo is a small app to view nfo/diz/ascii files.
Comes in both 32 and 64 bit version(s).

Please note, the develope­ment of this soft­ware is cur­rent on hold — but rest assured, it is not fogot­ten 😎



Some AV scan­ners can pro­duce a FALSE pos­it­ive with fast­nfo.
This is because of MPRESS (does not pro­duce any­thing un-com­pressed).


fast­nfo “file name”
fastnfo64 “file name”
drop file on win­dow

Short­cuts (Key­board):

ESC / ALT+X Quit
F1 About
F2 Toggle Con­trast Mode
F3 Toggle Win­dow On-Top
F12 Ver­sion Check
ALT+R Reset default set­tings
ALT+T Toggle trim selec­tion
ALT+Q Toggle char­ac­ter wrap
1–7 Select font type
Keypad 1–9 Select font size (6–14)
- Decrease font size
+ Increase font size

Mouse Actions:

Text selec­tion     = Copy to clip­board as pure text.
Right Double Click = Copy url to clip­board as pure text.
Left Double Click  = Execute url (with default browser).


…as you like 🙂


Ver­sion: 0.73
95.6 KiB
829 Down­loads
fastNFO (64 Bit)
fast­NFO (64 Bit)
Ver­sion: 0.73
109.8 KiB
259 Down­loads



Ver­sion His­tory:

v0.7.3 — 18.June.2011

  • Added Xen bit­map font (id=7), only avail­able in size 8 & 11.
  • Font sizes now range from 6 to 14 (KP 1 to KP 9).
  • New short­cut: — = decrease font size.
  • New short­cut: + = increase font size.
  • New short­cut: ALT+X = quit (same as ESC).
  • Added option to always trim text selec­tion before copy­ing into clip­board.
  • Added ‘reset to defaults’ menu option.
  • Basic error hand­ler, cre­ates fastnfo.err.log in applic­a­tion dir:
    • ver­sion, time & date, admin?, OS, mes­sage, descrip­tion, codeline.
  • Fixed a bug which caused sub classing of auto-selec­tion > clip­board to fail.
  • Fixed file lock on unsup­por­ted file formats.
  • Slight gen­er­al optim­iz­a­tion.
  • File load time decreased.
  • Deletes not-used ini keys auto­mat­ic­ally on exit.
  • /portable com­mand dis­ables set­tings save and error log save.
  • Sep­ar­ate threads used for vari­ous oper­a­tions.
  • Word wrap renamed to char­ac­ter wrap which it actu­ally is > ALT-Q.
  • Dis­abled short­cut key for about if it is show­ing.
  • Dis­abled ver­sion check win­dow com­pletely if no con­nec­tion is avail­able.
  • Ver­sion his­tory in sep­ar­ate history.txt file, except cur­rent changes.

v0.7.2 — 14.June.2011

  • Fixed a minor memory leak.
  • Fixed file size lim­it.
  • Fixed broken win­dow re-size.
  • Added /portable com­mand line switch to dis­able registry asso­ci­at­ing.
  • Changed the beha­vi­or of registry access for file asso­ci­at­ing:
    • fast­NFO will not ask for admin­is­trat­or priv­ileges any­more,
    • if run as admin, the option will be avail­able, unless /portable is used.
  • Empty lines at the end is trun­cated.
  • Date dis­play is now always shown with trail­ing 0 if single digit.
  • x64 file name fastnfo_x64.exe -> fastnfo64.exe, remem­ber to re-asso­ci­ate.

v0.7.1 — 13.June.2011

  • Added word wrap func­tion, select through options menu or CTRL+W.
  • Status bar fields align bet­ter now.
  • Fixed win­dow on top could mal­func­tion on some sys­tems.
  • Win­dow min­im­um size is now 320x200.
  • Win­dow except view­ing area now always uses default sys­tem font(s).

v0.7 — 10.June.2011

  • Manu­al online ver­sion check, dis­abled if no inter­net con­nec­tion exists (F12).
  • Two new fonts select­able:
    • Topaz Amiga-kick­start 2.x+ (mod­i­fied, id=5).
    • Ter­min­al (default win­dows ter­min­al, id=6).
  • Fixed font memory load­ing, could cause sys­tem to ‘for­get’ the font.
  • Fixed dis­play area flick­er­ing when res­iz­ing.
  • Fixed minor typo in About tool tip when no file was open
  • Fixed about menu item when opened a file through drag-drop.
  • File read­ing now sup­ports BOM (UTF8, UTF16 LE), file format dis­played in status bar.
  • Removed all pre-Win­dows 2000 code.
  • If asso­ci­at­ing with the x64 ver­sion, the x86 entries are wiped from registry.
  • Added option to save state of ‘win­dow on-top’ (F3).
  • Updated menu short­cut dis­plays.
  • Reduced font memory usage.
  • Reduced memory use for ini file read­ing.
  • File asso­ci­ation is now 100% com­pat­ible with vista/7.
  • Require­ments for x86 ver­sion is Win­dows 2000 Pro­fes­sion­al or new­er.
  • About menu is dis­abled when about is show­ing.
  • Web-related menu items are dis­abled if no inter­net con­nec­tion exists.

v0.6  — 1.June.2011

  • Removed x86 only code from x64 ver­sion.
  • Slight speed-up in text load­ing.
  • Com­piled using pb 4.60b3 (fasm v1.69.31).
  • Fixed poten­tial memory leak with font-load­ing.
  • Fixed about dis­play.
  • Con­trast mode, switch through menu or F2.
  • File type .ascii is also asso­ci­ated.
  • Bytes read \ file size is now dis­played in status bar.
  • Win­dow can now be re sized.
  • Updated icons.
  • Added 3 new fonts (Amiga styl­ish)
  • Fonts are select­able through menu or keys 1–4.
  • Font sizes are select­able through menu or keypad 1–4 (8,9,10,11 in size)
  • Set­tings is now stored in fastnfo.ini (in fast­nfo loc­a­tion)
    • Con­trast mode.
    • Last win­dow pos­i­tion.
    • Font type.
    • Font size.
  • Append­ing ver­sion date format -> DS/ISO8601:2005 -> <year>.<mm>.<dd>
  • Updated ver­sion his­tory to be more view­er-friendly.
  • Beha­vi­or of view­ing area con­trol:
    • Select­ing text will auto-copy selec­tion to clip­board.
    • Right-double click on links will auto-copy link to clip­board.
    • Left-double click on links will execute them.

v0.51  — 27.April.2011

  • When clip­board-select­ing text, spaces are now removed on both sides.
  • Fixed icons.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Fixed minor memory leak.
  • Win­dow title is now name of open file, pro­gram info moved to status bar.
  • Minor speedup’s.
  • Ver­sion now has date attached, <month>.<day>.<year>

v0.5  — 16.April.2011

  • Fixed a poten­tial crash with memory font load­ing.

v0.4  — 8.October.2010

  • Removed tool tip from main win­dow, was annoy­ing.
  • Menu’s are now gradi­ent.
  • Fixed file asso­ci­ation, should now work prop­erly.

v0.3 — 25.April.2010

  • Web-Links are now click able in shown text, Double-Click To fol­low, Right-Click to set in clip­board.
  • Files can now be dropped on main win­dow.
  • Added option to asso­ci­ate (and remove again) .nfo & .diz files to fast­nfo, if it doesn’t work first time
    (mainly cause oth­er app has it already), remove and then add again.

v0.22 — 21.March.2010

  • main dis­play is now activ­ated from start, easi­er for mouse wheel use
  • uses ASCII.ttf by Eistee (http://www.apollosoft.de/ASCII/indexen.htm)
  • increased font size from 8 to 10
  • added xp mani­fest
  • fixed a minor bug
  • optim­ized memory usage
  • fixed icons

v0.21 — 14.March.2010

  • First re-write in Pure­Basic


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