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q3pak Verify v0.32

Ver­sion: v0.32
Author: rudz
Copy­right: ©2008–2011, Free­ware
Info: Ver­i­fy Quake III Are­na & OpenAre­na .pk3 files with E+ sup­port.


Q3pak Verify
Q3pak Ver­i­fy
Ver­sion: 0.32
22.2 KiB
823 Down­loads
Q3pak Verify (64 bit)
Q3pak Ver­i­fy (64 bit)
Ver­sion: 0.32
25.9 KiB
849 Down­loads

Ver­sion His­to­ry

v0.32 — 19.April.2011

  • fixed a small bug where byte cal­cu­la­tion in rare sit­u­a­tion could show wrong size
  • by acci­dent i put the wrong exe file in the dis­tri­b­u­tion, fixed (sil­ly to have 40 exe’s any­ways)

v0.31 — 15.April.2011

  • added sup­port for E+ v2.1 (can still check 2.0 but will report error on v2.1 pk3)


  • file names are now q3oav.exe and q3oav_x64.exe
  • sup­port for OpenAre­na through switch /oa (http://openarena.ws/)
  • sup­port for e+ 2.0a through switch /ep (both reg­u­lar and open are­na ver­sion)
  • file size checks
  • code opti­mized a bit
  • also in 64 bit ver­sion, THIS is faster 😎
  • sup­port for pre-2.0 e+ ver­sions


  • rewrote the crc32 check as the old one could pro­duce faulty results
  • sha1 sum check (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3174.txt) (very sen­si­tive to file changes)
  • md5 sum check (slow­est, but many down­load sites use this one)
  • silent mode — will not pro­duce *any* out­put at all, only the return code
  • con­sole ver­sion
  • code is now 99% portable to Linux/mac, a shame i don’t have any work­ing box­es atm.


  • com­mand line pars­ing of quake 3 loca­tion 🙂


  • First release.

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