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Marbles v1.1b

Author: Paul Ber­lin, © Free­ware 2003
Addi­tions: rudz.dk 2005–2011

Ver­sion: 1.1b
3.0 MiB
256 Down­loads
Marbles Source
Marbles Source
Ver­sion: 1.1
3.5 MiB
272 Down­loads
PGE Beta
PGE Beta
Ver­sion: 1.1
503.5 KiB
654 Down­loads
Marbles in-game

Marbles in-game


Using the fmod sound lib­rary, http://www.fmod.org.

More cred­its at the bot­tom of the doc­u­ment.

Please vote for Marbles 1.1 at Plan­et­Source­Code.

Feel free to change/add/improve this code, but if you do,
I would appre­ci­ate if you send me the updated code =).

If you use this code in any of your own pro­jects, please
men­tion me in your cred­its.

Do not quit the ‘Marbles Launch.exe’ process manually.

What’s new in version 1.1b (August 2011):

  • dx8vb.dll included, later win­dows ver­sions needs this.
  • Whipped togeth­er ‘Marbles Launch.exe’ to start game with on new­er win­dows, Vista/7 etc.
  • Optim­ized the in-game fonts.
  • Updated this read me.

What’s new in version 1.1a:

  • Added 16 mod­ule tunes (fmod oxm format), switch in-game using F5.
  • Most sfx files are ogg instead of wav.
  • Cleaned code up quite a bit.
  • Game is gen­er­ally optim­ized, lower require­ments a bit.
  • Updated fmod.dll to 3.71.

What’s new in version 1.1:

  • Adjus­ted game play to reduce play­ing time: you get less bombs, bombs no longer give10 extra seconds, but time bonuses now appear even if time is more than 60 seconds.
  • Changed beep sound when time is low to tick sound.
  • Added graph­ics to show when you gain anoth­er bomb.
  • You can now enter high scores con­tain­ing spe­cial char­ac­ters.

System requirements:

  • dx8vb.dll (included).
  • fmod.dll ver­sion 3.x (3.7.1 included).
  • Visu­al Basic 6 Run time Lib­rar­ies.
  • Win­dows 98 or New­er.
  • 3D Accel­er­ated graph­ic card comp. with Dir­ect X.
  • Sound card comp. with Dir­ect X.
  • Mouse & Key­board comp. with Dir­ect X.
  • GeForce 2 MX or bet­ter graph­ics card.
  • 500MHz Intel Pen­ti­um com­pat­ible CPU.


My Ath­lon 1,2 GHz with an GeForce 2 Pro, gives about 350 fps when in game,

but can go down as low as 100–150 fps (well that isn’t low exactly…) when there are many

marbles explod­ing at once.

Game Help:

The goal of the game is to get as much points as pos­sible.

Points are earned by form­ing rows of at least 3 marbles of same col­or.

You form rows by mov­ing marbles, but you can only move an marble if it,

at it’s new pos­i­tion, forms an row.

You move marbles by click­ing on one marble and then click­ing on its new pos­i­tion.

You can only move an marble one step ver­tic­al or hori­zont­al, not diag­on­al.

I’m sure you will get the hang of it…


You have an lim­ited amount of time to get your points. The clock starts at 90 seconds,

but you can increase it up to 120 seconds. You gain more time by cre­at­ing chain reac­tions

and tak­ing time bonuses. When the time hits 0 the game is over. If you gain more time when the

clock already is at it’s highest (120 seconds), you will gain points instead (lot’s of them).


You also have bombs, which will remove an 3x3 area of marbles. Right click to use them.

You have 3 bombs when you start, but can gain more by cre­at­ing chain reac­tions at 5,

8 and 10 chains.


Cre­at­ing rows of marbles will give you 10 points for each marble, but that will be

mul­ti­plied with the amount of chain reac­tions you have cre­ated. The key to points

is to cre­ate chain reac­tions!


Some marbles have spe­cial prop­er­ties. They will have an small icon over them, show­ing

which spe­cial prop­erty it is. Some prop­er­ties only appear after you get over an cer­tain

amount of points.

Hori­zont­al Remover

This spe­cial will, when removed, clear the entire hori­zont­al row it is loc­ated at.

Ver­tic­al Remover

This spe­cial will, when removed, clear the entire ver­tic­al row it is loc­ated at.

Col­or Remover

This spe­cial will, when removed, clear all the oth­er marbles of the same col­or.

Chain bonus

This spe­cial will, when removed, will increase your chain reac­tion count, and

thus give you more points and time.

Time bonus

This spe­cial will, when removed, will give you an extra 5 seconds.


This spe­cial will make it’s marble change col­or every 10 seconds.


This spe­cial will defend it’s marble from being removed one time.


  • You can remove highscore.dat to clear the high score.
  • If you are low on time, use a bomb, it will give you 10 seconds extra.
  • You can turn on/off show­ing of fps by press­ing F at the main title screen.
  • Press F5 while in game to switch music.
  • If there are no moves left and you want to end the game, just select End Game from the game menu or press F12. You will still be able to enter an high score.

Programming notes:

  • Some parts of the code may seem like an mess… Well it is =).
  • Sorry… I tried to com­ment as much as pos­sible, but mostly I for­got. =)
  • An new­er ver­sion of the game engine, PGE, can be down­loaded from Plan­et­Source­Code.


  • Pro­gram­ming, design & graph­ics by Paul Ber­lin 2003.
  • Using the fmod sound lib­rary, http://www.fmod.org.
  • Game engine was based on the Boom2D Engine, also avail­able on Plan­et­Source­Code.
  • All music cred­its goes to their respect­ive cre­at­ors.
  • Sound effects from vari­ous sources, mostly from the inter­net.

Author Info:

Paul Ber­lin, born 1982, from south Sweden.


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